Alpaca the trading simulator

A neat little trading API to initiate paper trades. I used it to build a python script that attempts to place orders on stocks found from Yahoo finance trending tickers that have a change percentage of greater than 5% and a stock price under $100. The script attempts to purchase the stocks at a 10% discount which may need to be adjusted since this discount might be a little too large to get orders filled on the same day the order is made.

So far, I’ve found it to be useful in guiding my actual investment strategies.

You can find the script example on my GitHub. To get this up and running or to write your own script, it’s as easy as signing up for an API key from alpaca and installing the module from pip. More instructions are available in the GitHub repo:

Today at 1AM I stumbled across what might possibly be the greatest deployment app I’ve ever used. Vercel!

Not only does it seamlessly integrate with your Github / Gitlab code and also slack, it auto deploys for you every time you update master branch. It also auto detects what…

Today marks a new high for Goodfood. In the past few weeks the stock has soared to new levels.

I believe this is the case because of the introduction of the strict lockdown procedures coupled with high covid numbers. Less people are out and about, doing grocery shopping etc, and…

My thoughts on the new cyberpunk 2077 game

So I’ve been playing cyberpunk 2077 religiously every evening for about a week and I think it’s taught me a couple lessons about software development.

1) Don’t overpromise and underdeliver. Which is definitely what happened with this game. They promised a bunch of things, set public hard deadlines, but failed…

TSX tip from me

Goodfood stock (FOOD.TO) is looking good. After reaching an all time high of 10.49 in past weeks it has straightened itself out to the 9.20s.

After growing intensely for the past 6 months and acceleration from the pandemic, my recommendation is to buy this stock as…

My debugging checklist for web

In no particular order:

  1. Have I put some console.logs in the code to log any potentially problematic variables or lines?
  2. Have I put blockers on the JavaScript file through devtools in order to figure out exactly which line of code is breaking/not working properly?
  3. Have I tried clearing cache and re-starting the app?
  4. If the page is using redux, have I gone through the store in redux section of devtools?
  5. Have I inspected the various HTML elements on the page that the logic interacts with?
  6. Have I browsed the devtools console for any errors or warnings that may be related to the issue?
  7. Have I checked that all modules and dependencies are up to date?
  8. Have I checked that all modules and dependencies have been installed correctly?
  9. Have I pulled the latest updates from master/staging branch?

Have you watched the Netflix documentary called “The Social Dilemma”? It’s a documentary that focuses on the very manipulative ways social media takes over our lives and shapes our ideas and behavior.

I completely agree with everything it discusses and I think it’s a great time for something like this…

I often wonder how I can incorporate advanced learning techniques into my programs.

Currently, I am working on a project that determines whether a statement someone made is “good” or “bad” by using a points measure system that bases “good”/”bad” off of data on the internet. …

I wanted to make a post to share my recent observation with Google Chrome. As millions of users around the globe store private information like passwords, credit card info and other confidential data in the autosaved fields of their Google chrome profile, I wanted to caution against saving financial information.

Katie Liu

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